Skin Inflammation: Guide to start healing your skin

Winter can be a difficult time for the skin, as skin is exposed to the volatile elements. During this season more than any other, skin has to deal with constant temperature extremes. Being indoors/outdoors and frequent skin washes with very warm water can wreak havoc with your skin, increasing sensitivity and be more susceptible to inflammation. What is skin inflammation? Think redness, dryness, itchiness, prickly heat, rashes even breakouts can be determined as the classical symptoms of skin inflammation. Inflammation occurs when there’s a skin reaction to something you touched or something you ingested. This immune response can be due to infectious bacteria, damaged cells or irritants the

Home Spa Treatment Fit For A Queen

Cleopatra loved them, so did Queen Nefertiti and it's no secret why!! Clay masks can be one of the best pick-me-ups for the skin. Considered an important medicinal and cosmetic tool, clays, are now becoming increasingly popular as a rediscovered treatment for several skincare conditions. What are they? Cosmetic clays are made up of different mineral contents and each clay type has a different effect on the skin. The high mineral content of clay rejuvenates the skin while the clay exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation to the skin. Regular use of clay facials will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation to the skin, remove debris from the pores and bring about a smooth healthy glow.

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