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wellness tea for a hectic day
wellness tea for a hectic day
wellness tea for a hectic day
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Alexa Sky Botanicals should be very proud!
 "it provides the sensitive and delicate area of the surrounding eye with a natural, targeted treatment to brighten, smooth and firm. It's also quite cold which I think works wonders in the mornings when your eyes need a little (or large!) wake-me-up."
The Cactus Fruit Eye Serum's Review in November by



Fabulous brand with some truly gorgeous products!
"I love how the products are individually formulated with some unique ingredients from other brands and everything is centred around your wellbeing. I can see this brand growing over time and establishing itself within the natural beauty industry. For me as constrictive criticism, the branding may not be as strong as some of its competitors, but that's personal choice. This however doesn't take away from the performance, you wont be disappointed. 
Facial & Body products' Review in December by 
New & emerging brands:
Read the interview of our fabulous Alexandra, the Founder & Formulator for Alexa Sky Botanicals published last December by top blogger.

I have been really impressed!

I've been using Cactus Fruit Eye Serum since mid-May and have noticed a significant difference in my under eye area. Not only have my dark circles been greatly reduced, all dryness been eradicated and my lower lids less puffy, but even the texture of my skin has improved. It’s amazing value for money and is honestly the best eye product I think i‘ve ever used.

 The one and only balm you need!

I have been blown away yet again at this gorgeous product and can’t believe how versatile The One Balm is. I am a huge fan of both balms and multi-use products, so this is certainly a winner for me. I can’t see myself without a jar of this at hand, as not only is it an everyday essential but is also perfect for when you’re travelling light, or for popping in your handbag for those on-the-go moisturising moments. 
 Yet another incredible product that delivers on all its promises! 


My skin has been enjoying the once a week ritual which has improved the appearance of my pores and overall smoothness of my skin. Using it on a long term basis has certainly left my skin looking less lack lustre and my complexion a lot brighter – especially after the seasonal changes.



This has everything you need for a little holiday!
The Healthy Skin Travel Essentials Kit contains everything you need for a journey abroad or a short trip away from home, or is perfect for anyone just wanting to test out a sampling of the ASB range.  I personally have found three new favourites thanks to the set, and they are all on my list for repeat buys.

The Skin Metamorphosis Elixir is like a shining light in skincare!

My first impressions of Skin Metamorphosis 24K Gold Elixir were impressive, as after 3 weeks of use I was in love with the dewy appearance of my skin, the moisture levels i’d experienced and the lemongrass scent which was uplifting and energising. I have been able to have more make-up free days during the Summer because my skin looked so good.
It really is a true delight to use and one that I can’t recommend enough!
Rooibos & Roses Bath Oil doesn’t feel like an oil in the bath, rather a deeply moisturising bath soak that helps eradicate tension and ease tired minds and muscles; all while softening and smoothing the skin. The bath water doesn’t feel greasy or have droplets of oil sitting on the surface, as instead the water feels softer and less harsh on the skin. My skin felt beautifully moisturised when i’d finished bathing, so much so that I didn’t feel like I instantly needed to apply body products afterwards. 
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