My name is Alexandra Paulino and I have always been very interested in aromatherapy and natural skincare. I qualified as an Aesthetician and after worked with well known brands as a Skincare Specialist. Then in 2000 I was diagnosed with psoriasis; I found it very hard to find anything suitable for my skin that was effective and wasn’t filled with countless chemicals.  So I decided to change my overall look upon my health, including changing my own skincare regime to a chemical free one.  With good knowledge about my skin condition and passion for natural skincare I began to study which ingredients performed the best and started to make products for myself using essential oils and plant oils amongst other natural ingredients.  I saw great improvement in my skin and I even managed successfully to eradicate psoriasis from my face, neck, arms and feet.  As it worked so well I then trained in product development and started making a skincare range and this is how Alexa Sky Botanicals came to life.  So I want to share my secrets of how to look and feel good naturally because we all deserve healthy, happy skin.


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