This holistic beauty experience gift contains:

The One Balm 20g (travel size);

Zen Mist Facial Essence Toner 10ml (travel size);

Phyto Power Complex Face Oil 10ml (travel size);

Moroccan Rose Clay Mask 30gr (full size)


Are you ready for a pore-refiner beauty treatment?

This home facial it’s all about Skin Love designed for the perfect radiance boost. Whether you have an upcoming special occasion and you just love to exude healthy, nourished and glowing skin, this is for you. Start your beauty facial with:


The One Balm designed to gentle cleanse and nourish your skin following by

Zen Mist Facial Essence Toner designed to hydrate, soften and smooth skin following by 

Phyto Power Complex Face Oil designed to smooth, firm and restore skin’s natural glow following by

our luxurious Moroccan Rose Clay Mask designed to restore skin’s moisture levels, soften, brighten and plump your complexion.


This a 20-minute facial that will result in clearer, healthier and glowing skin and it’s a wonderful way to relax. You can see instant results and your skin will improve more over time. Strive to do this facial at least once a week but, the holistic beauty facial massage can be done two to three times a week for optimum results.


Note: when you order this holistic beauty gift you will receive via email step by step instructions on how to achieve flawless skin with this ritual.



  • If you are searching for the perfect home beauty facial this is it!

    Embrace the natural beauty that you are with truly nourishing ingredients that are meant to love your skin and make you feel good.