Herbal Tea Blend Sachet (5 g), Loose Tea


If you struggle to get a good night's rest you are not alone. A research revealed that 27% of Britons suffer from insomnia, or the chronic inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. When it comes to achieving restorative, high-quality sleep, Sleep Therapy Tea is an effective beverage of choice to give you an extra boost as it has a mildly calming effect on the nervous system and helps relieve muscle tension. Getting a good night’s sleep is the key to looking and feeling your best so, make sure you get yours.


Ideal as a tea taster for yourself or to send as a gift to a tea-loving friend or relative.



Valerian contains a number of compounds that may help promote calmness by reducing GABA breakdown (gamma-aminobutyric acid - a chemical messenger that helps regulate nerve impulses in your brain and nervous system), improving stress response and maintaining adequate levels of mood-stabilizing brain chemicals.

Hops has a long history of being used to help improve sleep. Scientific research shows that hops, with its natural sedative effects, can increase sleep time. It also helps to lower body temperature—falling core body temperature is one important physiological step toward sleep.

Lemon verbena Is an amazing and often underrated herb that is highly valued for its calming effects as an aid to sleep disorders such as insomnia. Its properties help reduce tension, stress, calm the body, mind and help one prepare for a good night’s sleep. Lemon verbena is also rich in melatonin, a hormone in our bodies that increases as night approaches, stimulated by darkness and causes you to become sleepy.

Chamomile has been used for years as a natural remedy to reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety and treat insomnia. In fact, chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer. Its calming effects may be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which is found in abundance in this tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in your brain that may decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.


Brew 1 TSP of tea per cup/teapot in boiling hot water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Valerian, Hops, Chamomile, Lemon verbena, Hawthorn, Red clover, Violet, Spearmint

Not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding. 

This should not be taken with sleep inducing medication.

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  • This delicious caffeine-free infusion contains a floral combination such as Hops, Chamomile, Hawthorn, Red clover and Violets. They are the absolute sleepy aid to help your mind and body fade an active daytime to a calmer, more relaxed night time. Together with Valerian and Lemon verbena, they complete this bedtime ritual for a more healthier, deeper and restorative sleep...and is great to settle your stomach after a late night meal! A must have if you love starting your day feeling refreshed and uplifted!