Rooibos: how to empower your skin with this amazing plant

November 7, 2018

More than 300 years ago, the local inhabitants of the mountainous Cederberg, Cape Town in South Africa, were the first to discover that the needle-like rooibos leaves can be used to make a refreshing brew. These rooibos pioneers used axes to harvest the plant in the wild; they then bruised the leaves with hammers before leaving it to ferment in heaps and then drying it in the sun.

It was popularized as a medicinal herb in 1968 by a South African mother Annique Theron struggling with her allergic infant, put the spotlight on rooibos with her claims that it soothed away her baby's colic. She published a book on her findings and went on to launch a full range of health and skin care products with rooibos as the basic ingredient.

This tea is not just greatly prized for its flavour but also for its minerals and vitamins content. It has iron, magnesium, potassium, fluoride, calcium, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, and fair amounts of alpha-hydroxy acid known to promote healthy skin. It boosts anti-viral, anti-spasmodic, anti-allergic properties as well as anti-oxidants nearly 50 times more active than green tea.

Many believe that some of the antioxidants found in this tea boosts the immune system. These fight free radicals in the bloodstream which helps your body combat oxidative stress, a contributing cause of many age-related diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

This wonderful tea is harvested during the summer. It is green when picked, but becomes red during a fermentation process similar to that, used for making black tea.

Rooibos being naturally a caffeine-free beverage, it helps relieve insomnia, nervous tension and indigestion. Recent research also indicates that it contains the highest known levels of anti-aging properties of any plant on earth. Truly a tea that should be part of everyone's daily diet. You can enjoy it all day long with no possible side effects. 

Being great to achieving healthy skin, rooibos has also been used successfully on the treatment of acne, eczema, sunburn and tired eyes, offering shine for hair and even protecting your hair colour. And these are just some of the cosmetic benefits.

“Rooibos & Roses Bath Oil”.Being rooibos tea lovers, at Alexa Sky Botanicals we decided to research the benefits of this medicinal herb. We loved our findings so much we decided to harness its soothing and anti ageing powerful effects by infusing the herb in a blend of skin nourishing oils and combined it with Roses, the symbol of divine love. Thus we created our exceptional  What better way to restore oneself?


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