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Are Reishi Mushrooms the new magic ingredient for skin & wellbeing?

It might be the buzz ingredient of the moment but Reishi Mushrooms have been used in Eastern Medicine for thousands of years, helping with anxiety, boosting the immune system and keeping bodies and mind working in harmony. As an adaptogen, Reishi is becoming more and more popular within the Western world, allowing our bodies to cope more easily with the stresses and fast paced realities of daily living. Adaptogens such as Reishi Mushrooms also have powerful properties used to treat medical conditions affecting the immune system, liver, cardiovascular system and even certain types of cancers. At the very least, Reishi Mushrooms have been proven help to protect healthy cells, therefore making it a great holistic accompaniment to strong medications and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Obviously the health and wellbeing benefits of consuming Reishi Mushrooms speak for themselves, but there are also several advantages of using it within our skincare routines too. Reishi is known within Chinese medicine as a staple for immortality, therefore it is no shock that its main benefit is its anti-aging properties which include helping repair free radical damage, boosting blood circulation and improving cell regeneration. Its other skin loving abilities include reducing inflammation and helping to boost and retain moisture so the skin remains hydrated and the complexion more youthful and brighter in its appearance.

It is no surprise that Alexa Sky Botanicals decided to incorporate Reishi in their latest product launch, as the skin enhancing properties are undeniable. The Reishi Pore Refiner is a facial exfoliator which harnesses all the amazing qualities of Reishi, with some additional skin enhancing ingredients, to create a product that will become the essential part within your skincare routine. The benefits of exfoliation are key to great skin, and Reishi alongside Dead Sea Salt, Rhassoul Clay, Vitamin C, and extracts of Turmeric and Marshmallow provides delicate yet effective exfoliation, deep cleansing and an overall brighter and firmer skin. Alexa Sky Botanicals aim is that with the power of Reishi and other beautiful vegan-friendly ingredients, your skin will look and feel at its very best.

To find out more about Reishi Pore Refiner head to our skincare page.

Stay beautiful xxx

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