Not Just a Pretty Face: 4 Easy Ways to Upcycle your Skincare

As we all make the effort to eradicate our single-use plastic waste, there’s no better time to be seeking solutions to reduce our negative impact upon the environment. Thankfully, we believe when it comes to skincare packaging, it should be minimal, fuss free and fully recyclable; banishing outer boxes and utilising glass containers to reduce our use of plastic within the industry. We are incredibly passionate about the environment, especially on our approach to recycling and more importantly, upcycling our skincare products.

With so many cost-effective ways of reusing skincare containers, you can reduce the amount of waste you create, save money and release your creativity to create bespoke home decor items that will become useful in your war against waste.

Here are four easy ways to transform your Alexa Sky Botanicals’ containers into useful products around the home.

1. Moroccan Rose Clay Mask Jar into a Decorative Storage Pot

Glass jars are one of the most versatile storage solutions when reducing plastic waste so repurposing skincare jars is a great way to gain storage without spending any money.

Our 30g jars are such a useful size for storing an array of items from stationary and hair accessories to kitchen and beauty essentials. For this upcycle, simply wash and remove the skincare label from the jar. You may also need a small amount of oil and textured cloth to help remove any residue from the label prior to washing.

Step One: Choose your favourite shade of nail polish. Any nail polish will work however sheer polishes and glitter top coats may not show up as well on the glass jar.

Step Two: Select a tool of choice to create your desired pattern on the jar. I used a nail art tool to achieve a polka dot pattern but a wooden skewer, cocktail stick or even the end of a pencil would work equally well.

Step Three: Dip your tool of choice into your nail polish, or use the excess from the brush, to create the desired pattern on the jar. If you make any mistakes then simply use acetone to correct them. Leave to dry for 5 - 10 mins depending on how thickly you’ve applied the polish.

Step Four: [Optional - If you want open storage] Select some ribbon, string or piece of material to go around the top of the jar. Attach with a small piece of double-sided tape or super glue. If you have enough ribbon or string you could tie it into a bow or knot if you haven’t got any tape or glue.

2. Zen Mist Facial Essence Toner into a House Plant Mist

Spritz bottles have a multitude of uses from house plant spray and DIY hair rinses to floral water face mists and cleaning solutions - the list is endless! Thanks to our Toner Bottle boasting a stylish appearance with gold-coloured lid, it is perfect for displaying next to your house plants or on your dressing table. I have chosen to give my house plant mist a natural, scandi makeover but this technique can be applied to a multitude of home decor items for future upcycling inspiration. For this project, you need to wash the bottle and depending on the type of twine you’ll be using, you may also need to remove the label.

Step One: Select a spool of twine, ribbon or material strips to wrap around your bottle.

Step Two: Place a strip of double-sided tape on the reverse of the bottle (or if you don’t have this, you can apply superglue to to the bottle as you go).

Step Three: Place the end of the twine to the tape and work around the bottle. You can wrap around in tight bands as shown in this upcycle or alternatively, you could twist or gap the twine to make your own design.

Step Four: Secure the end of the twine and cut off the excess. If you find the twine frays a little after being cut, apply a little glue to the end or some clear nail polish to stop loose threads.

3. The One Balm Mini into Travel-Friendly Jewellery Storage

Do you struggle to know where to store your earrings and rings when you travel? The One Balm Mini is a great size to fit multiple pairs of earrings and rings in to keep them secure on your travels. The best news is that this is one of the easiest ways to repurpose all your travel-sized skincare pots rather than throw them away.

Step One: Wash the balm jar thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry before placing jewellery inside.

Step Two: Keep the label intact on the lid if you wish to keep your jewellery in a safe place. Your valuables will be safer in a skincare jar than in a jewellery box or wrap. If you would prefer to decorate, remove the label and customise as you wish.

4. Rooibos & Roses Bath Oil to a Vase

The final upcycle makes for such a fun home decor item with very minimal time and effort required. The vase makes for a cute home decor item (or emergency vase if you can’t find one!) and is quick, cheap and effective. To reduce your waste even more, and get brownie points for a handmade gift, this upcycling project also makes for a great ethical gift too. For this project, all you need to do is begin with a clean bottle. As the bottle contained an oil based product, simply pop a spot of washing up liquid and hot water into the bottle, secure the lid and shake rigorously. You may need to repeat then just rinse and leave to drain.

Step One: Select fresh or artificial flowers to arrange into the jar. Apply water to fresh flowers and if you wish, you can add to artificial flowers too as this will give the appearance that the flowers are real.

Step Two: [Optional] You can decorate the bottle if you wish or keep it simple by keeping the original label intact on the front.

These upcycling projects are aimed to give inspiration on what can be achieved when repurposing skincare containers. Upcycling doesn’t have to be complicated as these projects were quick, easy and highly cost effective as I utilised items from around the house at no extra cost. Upcycling is a great way to let the creative juices flow, giving you the ability to create bespoke items for your home while doing your part for the environment. Better yet, these projects are a great way of spending time with family and friends of all ages. There is no right or wrong way of upcycling and you can really have fun while expressing yourself. It is more beneficial than recycling, as it reduces waste and also saves money on storage solutions while allowing you to make ethical gifts for loved-ones.

What is your favourite upcycling project featured in this post? Will you be trying any of these projects when your skincare runs out?